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Rhodonite Palm Stone
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Beautiful Palm stone  Approx 7.3cm x 6cm x 1cm and weighs 140g

Rhodonite links directly to the Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras, therefore it's the best anger management crystal uncovered yet. This crystal enhances the flow from the root to the heart, whilst incorporating the crown. Root energy is released straight to the heart where it meets the understanding and limitless flow of the crown, forcing change from the crown to the root. Passions, angers, physical blocks can be cleared in addition crown energy can channel directly to the root chakra and physical body, speeding up re-birthing. This crystal can be used to enhance blood circulation, the heart, the skin, release emotion traumas that have become evident in the physical body. The crystal is suitable for anyone that has recently gone through a life changing event, rebirth, or ego death, as it promotes a brave a positive outlook, enhances the physical body and allows the user to see past what has gone before.

Also used for manifestation and transformation.  Circulation, Heart Conditions, Anger, Stress, Trauma and Strength

The picture is  the palm stone you will get.
All stones, minerals and crystal are well packed and sent via signed for post.
Always seek medical attention for any physical or psychological issues.