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Black Line Jasper
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Approx 3cm

 Due to the nature of the stones the size and shape are not uniformed, measurements are taken at an average from the widest point.

The picture is a good representation of the crystals you will get.

Price is per Crystal.

Comes from USA, Texas, India, Madagascar, Russia, Uruguay, Canada, Brazil, Australia

Jasper is an opaque rock  and it can be of almost any color  stemming from the mineral content of the original sediments or ash. Patterns arise during the consolidation process forming flow and de-positional patterns in the original silica rich  sediment or ash from volcanoes.The formation of jasper hydro thermal circulation is thought to be required.

Mohs :2.5-2.9     Crystal system : Hexagonal

Physical: soothing,calming, rejuvenating, gallbladder, liver and stomach

Emotional: joy, contentment, realise you have so much to be greatful for, even when situations say otherwise, corage

Spiritual: balance, protection,drive way evil, astral travel, guidance

Crystals and minerals are no substitute for medical attention.

The crystals will be well packed and sent via signed for post.

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