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This is a lovely detailed bronze effect with some color, figurine made by Nemesis Now.

The figurine is approx 24.5cm.

Brigid is best known for her associations with poetry, healing and smith-craft.

As a healing goddess, she governs childbirth and the birthing time. Brigid was highly regarded as a healing goddess as can be seen from the numerous healing wells dedicated to her all over Ireland.

As a goddess of poetry, she governs not only the inspiration and writing of poetry, but also divination and prophecy.

As a goddess of smith-craft, she governs the forge's fire. It is for these reasons that she is considered the "Bright Goddess" and is associated with the element of fire. In all her forms, she brings to one inspiration (a fire quality) and provides the spark for motivation.

Comes well packed in a printed black/blue box.

All items are checked before being posted.

All items are checked before posting and come well packed.